Mr. C. paints. He’s good. Lately he has been working on portraits. He believes that art moves people. He’s been working on portraits for notable people in his home town. His purpose, he said, is “to establish a good name with as many of these pillars in our community who truly believe that a young drug addicted uneducated inner city kid can truly change.” WOW.

This man has gotten the point of prison! He has changed. He has also become socially conscious. He is aware of prejudice, of people believing that someone behind bars can never change. Still, he wants people “on the outside” to know about himself and others like him!

Isn’t this what prison is supposed to be about? This man has reformed. He has developed a most wonderful talent. He is using it. Now he wants the outside world to know what he has accomplished. I applaud Mr. C. and others like him. Wouldn’t it be great if this kind of behavior was rewarded?