Where are the Leaders?

I miss my country. It has become unrecognizable. Rampant racism. Hatred from every corner. Violence, sadly, has become a household word.

I grew up being proud of an immigrant history. Dogged determination and amazing craftsmanship were among the things I admired. Elected officials, while not always agreeing with one another, were civil, willing to have meaningful discussions, committed to goals of compromise.

So many individuals stood out because they fearlessly spoke their mind and defended moral principles.

Where have those principles gone? How have we reached such starkly-opposed-and-unwilling-to-talk positions that we cannot even attempt to work with those with whom we disagree?

John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. come to mind. They were my generation’s leaders. But where are the leaders today? Why is it hatred, discrimination, and violence are being so loudly promoted – by those for whom we have lost respect? And why is it that people listen?

I hear the cries of the masses that do not want it the way that it is. But where are the leaders? We need someone who can fearlessly stand against current rhetoric. We need someone who can speak for what I hope and pray is still the majority of America.

America is floundering. We need courage. Commitment. Charisma. We need someone who is willing to speak out against what America has become. We need someone who has a vision for America. I, for one, choose not to promote white supremacy. And yes, ALL lives matter. We need to take care of our veterans, our homeless, our hungry, our own children, our aging parents. There is no lack for those in need in America. What happened to the Land of Plenty? America, we are better than this!

Please. Someone. Step up to the plate and lead us back to the melting pot from which we came. Irish are no better than Asian. Polish are no better than Spanish. WE are America. We need someone who can help us back to an appreciation of all we inherited, but who can also lead us to grow and become much, much better than we currently are. Where are you, leaders? I know you’re there. America needs you desperately.