New Product: Note Cards

The Prisoner’s Prayer Book has a new product. Note cards!

I have had growing frustration over the years whenever I look for a card to send to a prisoner. Some are just stupid, some are romantic, and most just don’t say what you need them to say. Our prisons now refuse multiple fold cards, sparkles, and other commercial decorations. Due to the additional restrictions on what can be sent into prisons, I am suggesting prisoner art with space to say what you want to say.

A prisoner friend who draws very well volunteered some of his drawings. I have had his sketches printed on singlefold cards that measure just over 5 inches by 7 inches. They are blank on the inside and even have a box in which to put the prisoner’s name and number along with your address (another requirement). I also have cards without the identification box if one desires to use them for general correspondence with friends who are not in prison. They sell in packages of 6 for $10.00 (which includes shipping), and currently display a bear, deer, moose, wolf, bird, and orangutan.

My book, The Prisoner’s Prayer Book, is also still available and can be purchased via Amazon for $12.95. I am currently offering a special for anyone interested in purchasing the cards. Buy one package of cards and one book for a total price of $20 (that includes shipping). Orders can be sent to me at . Please be sure to specify cards with or without the identification box. (Sorry, but I do not accept credit or debit cards.) Please pass the word!