Tightrope and Life

Why would anyone CHOOSE to walk a tightrope over the Grand Canyon?  I was spellbound by the idea, and I was happy for him that he had such confidence, but the man had a beautiful wife and several young children!

When I was fourteen, my father suddenly died of a heart attack. What a searing wound that left in me…for many, many years! Nick Wallenda’s children were very aware of his plan. The media, of course, was hyping the event to the max. It felt like I was about to take a walk into a lion’s den, or become a spectator at a bullfight where someone was about to be gored to death. I changed the television station.

I hoped that Mr. Wallenda would walk the tightrope successfully. I hoped there would be no unexpected wind gusts or dust storms to challenge him further. But I still didn’t understand why, when he had such a beautiful family, he would dare to jeopardize it? Or their emotional health for years to come?

I flipped back to the station. What draws us to even consider watching such activity? Wallenda had begun the walk. Of course, the camera crews were now getting into the act by panning the scenery quickly to make it appear as though the background was spinning. No!  I was going to listen to classical music instead. I would NOT watch a live telecast of a man who crazily – and, I think, selfishly – wanted to test his mettle against Mother Nature!

I hoped that, when I woke up the next morning, Nick Wallenda would have successfully completed his walk. I suspected that his wife and children would by then be extraordinarily grateful he was alive. Perhaps he would feel… accomplished?

I hoped (perhaps futilely) that Nick Wallenda would – somehow – receive a wake-up call to let him know that life is precious. I wondered if he had any idea how traumatizing it would have been for his children to watch him plunge to his death?

You can call it a need for publicity. You can call it insanity. Perhaps circus performers live by different guidelines. I, however, call it a senseless, self-gratifying, and extremely thoughtless act. I feel sad for all that he has already put his family through. I am angered by his selfishness. And I am put off by him calling on the name of the Lord all the while he did this unnecessary and foolish deed.

But yes, I believe life should be treasured – even Nick Wallenda’s.

Not Alone

Have you ever felt lonely? Has that loneliness crept so deeply into your soul that it seems no one will ever be able to draw you out again? When I was at my very lowest, someone came into my life,  quite unexpectedly, who helped me regain my footing.

I believe that there is someone for everyone…a remedy for the soul whenever we need it. I also believe that it often comes when we least expect it. Sometimes we look in all the wrong places. Sometimes we don’t look at all. Still other times we are too filled with anger or sorrow to care. Too often, we fail to see what is right before us.

I am an only child. That loneliness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At times, it was worse. But, as I have gotten older, I have been able to look back and see God’s hand at work in my life. Of course, at certain times, I couldn’t see where anything was leading me…but had I not met certain people, or taken particular paths, something else would not have happened later in my life. Now it is possible for me to look back and see a string of events that have gradually led me to the place I am today.

I have found myself praying more, often having a simple conversation with God, thanking Him for watching over me, and asking for Him for guidance in the future. Through the many “connections” I’ve recognized, I have grown. I have been amazed at the intricate patterns He has woven. I do still get lonely now and then. But I know I have a Friend to whom I can talk about anything, a Friend who will be there for me, no matter what I do or say. He comforts me, and I know He guides my steps. I believe He has a plan for me. I don’t think He’s finished with me yet. While I am unable to see the road ahead, I know He is walking it with me. I hope the journey will be for many more miles…and I am confident that I will always have a Companion who will remain by my side – forever.


Empty. Empty is feeling abandoned following a parent’s sudden death. Empty is living in a troubled marriage in which there is mostly silence. Empty is not knowing your direction in life, and not caring if you do.

Filled. Filled is knowing you have been loved, and cherishing precious memories. Filled is having had once-special relationships and experiences that only two have shared. Filled is finding satisfying work and a way to hone the skills you have achieved over time.

Filled is knowing there is someone who loves you. Filled is being able to give that love away.

Joy is recognizing that the Great Choreographer has presided over it all.

Realizing Your Worth

Have you ever felt that slight nudge, heard that quiet whisper, or seen a special rainbow that makes you feel you are on the right track? Didn’t that encourage you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling often? Then, think what it could be like to know someone who wants you to succeed. How good would it feel to have that someone believe in you all of the time?

We become like bees to flowers when we start listening to these gentle nudging, like horses to water when we hear praise. Sadly, we can’t go back in time. Poor parenting – or even no parenting – causes this to become a more difficult task for some. Mentors help. Persistence helps. Believing in yourself helps.

BUT ARE YOU WORTH IT? When you can answer this question in a positive way, you have turned a corner. When you realize that there is no one exactly like you, that God continually forgives us our wrongs, and that He believes in you, you are on your way. You have been given abilities that no one else has in quite the same way. With that realization, however, comes the responsibility to actually DO something with those abilities. Grow them. Improve them. Use them. Multiply them. Know that what you do cannot be done in the very same way by anyone else. That makes you very special.

God has invested in you. He has seen in you a way to make something or someone better. He has seen value in you. Don’t refute that. Don’t ignore it. When you challenge yourself to grow…amazingly, you DO! Do it…and grow strong in the Lord.