Have you ever noticed how different you are? When one person responds a certain way, do you find yourself thinking “I wouldn’t have said that! I’d have said….” We all have different skills, or ways of doing things that we are just better at (or worse at) than others. Just as this world abounds with diverse plant life, animal life, and marine life…just as certain species thrive in one location better than another, and don’t even exist in others, we are all unique.

I find it so difficult to conceive how some people claim they don’t believe in God. How can they NOT believe? When there is wonder all about us, and when I observe and talk with other human beings, I can only marvel at the variety in this world, and at what An Amazing Maker we have! Each of us has the power to think our own unique thoughts, to form our own conclusions, to think circumstances through and to be influenced by different things. There is not a single person who perceives the world in exactly the same way.

Every one of us can decide who we are going to be…to develop that person…and to be that person to the very best of our ability. No matter our level of ability, we can still choose to be our very best. Have you made that choice…and if not, why not? What is of great importance to you? What can you do to impart greater knowledge about a subject… or to influence others to your way of thinking and thus move others to act…or to provide pleasure for someone…or to simply let a person know how much you value him or her? We have such power to make such a huge difference in this world and we hardly realize it!

Today, my readers, I challenge you to become all that you can be. Today I challenge you to live, to love, and to be the very best YOU. Today is all that we can be certain of in this world. Don’t waste the day. Make it count! You are unique, and it is high time you showed the world God’s wonderful creation that is YOU! You have the power to change yourself and to change others. I challenge you to use it TODAY.

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The Prisoner's Prayer Book

Louise is author of The Prisoner's Prayer Book which evolved as she became a volunteer in prison ministry. Retired from a career in social services, Louise resides in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.