Prescription for Your Comfort Zone

Have you heard that little voice, or felt that little tug, leading you a different way? Sometimes it makes you curious, and sometimes it points you down a road on which you really don’t want to travel. Often, we resist change. Things are fine just as they are – right? Don’t rock the boat.

However, it is only by rocking the boat that we actually grow. Learning something new may make us more efficient. It may open our eyes and minds to new perspectives.

Sometimes it isn’t even about us! Sometimes the way we change affects others. Just as our actions have consequences for us, so too can our actions make a difference to somebody else.

Conversely, the choices and actions that others choose can impact us. How often have you said to yourself that “I don’t want to be like that!”  Alternatively, we seek to emulate persons we admire. When we recognize the actions or beliefs of someone else, and when we allow them to influence our behavior, we not only change ourselves, we change those around us.  Others may react positively or negatively, but they react.

Do not ever think that what you say or do is not important. What you say or do matters, just as you matter. Are you getting tired of calm, possibly stagnant, waters? Rock the boat a little, try something new… and see how you can make a difference!

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The Prisoner's Prayer Book

Louise is author of The Prisoner's Prayer Book which evolved as she became a volunteer in prison ministry. Retired from a career in social services, Louise resides in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.