Do-Overs Accepted

“Help me to find my way, God.” That was my prayer recently. Moments later, I corrected it. “Help me, God, to find Your way.

I believe God has a plan for all of us. I also believe He gives us second, third, and fourth chances – even more, if we need them. God knows we mess up, but like the loving Father that He is, He is supportive and wants the best for us. He wants us – and He always welcomes us with open arms.

But nothing I do is ever going to make any difference! How often have we heard ourselves say that? We have all, at some point in our lives, been self-absorbed, discouraged, or hopeless, where every course of action seems to be a dead end.

Certainly, there will be days when we don’t know what the next step will be, but God finds ways for us to fulfill our purpose in life – in spite of our sometimes questionable choices. How good it is to be wanted, accepted, and loved – in spite of our imperfections! How reassuring to know that we can always come home to a Father who loves us!

We need only to take the next step…one day at a time…and believe that He will take care of the rest. (He certainly has so far!) My God is the God of never-ending chances…never-ending, like His love. Do-overs are always accepted.

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The Prisoner's Prayer Book

Louise is author of The Prisoner's Prayer Book which evolved as she became a volunteer in prison ministry. Retired from a career in social services, Louise resides in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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