Who? Me???? Yes, YOU!

If there was no one in your life who cared if you lived or died, how do you think you’d feel? Can you imagine life without anyone – no parents…brothers…sisters…relatives…friends? Alone for all intents and purposes. It would be a lonely existence, and one that would make a person question his or her purpose in this world. Where would be the joy?

I think the joy comes when we act on a specific thought that is put into each of our hearts. No, not the same thought, but a thought that only we ourselves are able to accomplish – merely one of a myriad of reasons why you were brought into this life. It may be an urge to reach out. Perhaps it concerns a person in need of comfort, someone who is lonely, or someone who is sick. Perhaps it is about someone who has hurt you. Maybe it’s a thought that comes to mind when you look at a passerby.

It may be only a glimmer of an idea. It may not be clearly formed. But don’t dismiss it! Think about it. Ponder why you might be thinking about it. Then, even if you have no idea why something you would say or do could possibly make a difference, take action.

The words you say may be the final words a dying person hears. What you do may stop a person from taking his own life. Perhaps encouragement, a smile, a helping hand are all that are needed to get someone through a rough patch in his or her life. Take a chance! Take a risk!

Yes, you were meant to be here. It matters not where you live, the color of your skin, how much money you have, or how intelligent you are. ONLY YOU can make that certain difference. Don’t waste a moment – act now!

The Reason is Within You

I listened to Joel Osteen’s television program this morning. For those readers who do not know the name, Joel Osteen is a religious and motivational speaker. His messages are always uplifting and, if you take them to heart, often speak to you. His message today was that God has always had a plan for you. If you feel that certain pulling in your heart over a certain matter, YOU are probably meant to do something with it. He said that God always gives us another chance. What, years ago, might have been an opportunity to be the best that you could be, could be your opportunity NOW.

Today’s world is filled with noise, activity, rushing here and there. Our senses are overloaded. I often listen to soft music when I am home alone. Even that, I am finding, sometimes prevents me from slowing down, and taking the time to listen to my heart…to listen to what God might be trying to tell me.

Last night I watched a small portion of one of the Lockup shows – stories about prisoners. So often on those shows, there seems always to be a lot of noise – shouting, fighting, clanging. I’m thinking that it must be extremely hard to focus, if you are a prisoner and require quiet to think and come to terms with your life.

I am currently wrestling with feelings that I recognize from the past. They are feelings that resonate strongly with me, but I don’t know what to do with them. They are tugging at me to look more deeply. Whatever those feelings mean for me, I challenge everyone reading this to look inside your own hearts. Consider those tiny urges that have “always been there” for you. What do they mean? Think about them. Ponder the possibilities.

In the relatively short time during which I have had contact with prisoners, I have made the acquaintance of artists – writers and illustrators. I know that there are many more with other creative abilities. I know of a woman who trains dogs. The men and women behind bars are men and women like you and me. They were made for a reason, to make a difference somehow.

I believe there is something in every one of us that begs to be set free, to fly, and to make an impact somewhere in this world. YOU are part of that quest. Find your role. Muster up the confidence to get on your stage of life. Act out your part in full view of the world because YOU were meant to be here for a reason!